The Twin Dilemma - DVD

'The Twin Dilemma' was Colin Baker's first story as the Doctor, but his last to be released on DVD - completing an entire run of stories from a single Doctor for the first time in the DVD range's history. Following immediately on from the critical success of Peter Davison's swansong 'The Caves of Androzani' was never going to be the easiest of jobs...

A very standard story in restoration terms, being the usual mix of 1" studio video and 16mm location film. Film sequences were reinstated from a print held by a private collector, providing a worthwhile increase in picture area and overall image quality.

DVD extras for this release include:

Commentary with actors Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Kevin McNally.

The Star Man (dur. 6' 03") - an interview with title sequence designer Sid Sutton.

Look 100 Years Younger (dur. 11' 46") - Colin Baker and comedian Amy Lamé discuss the Doctor's costumes over the years. 

Stripped for Action - The Sixth Doctor (dur. 17' 45") - a look at the Sixth Doctor's comic strip adventures from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. Featuring interviews with artist John Ridgway, writer Simon Furman, former Doctor Who Magazine editors Alan McKenzie, Gary Russell and Alan Barnes. 

Breakfast Time (dur. 9' 53") - Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant interviewed by Frank Bough and Selina Scott on the BBC's breakfast TV show.

Blue Peter (dur. 10' 01") - Colin Baker interviewed by Janet Ellis on the long-running childrens' magazine show.

Continuity (dur. 3' 12") - BBC1 continuity announcements from the story's original transmission.

Photo Gallery (dur. 8' 04") - production and publicity photos from the story.

Plus of course the usual  Subtitle Production Notes, PDF material and Coming Soon trailer.


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