The Ark in Space - Special Edition DVD

One of the earliest DVD releases is brought up to current release standards with a from-the-ground up remaster and an additional package of extras in this expanded two-disc release.

'The Ark in Space' was one of the earliest DVD releases and is the last to be upgraded to take advantage of the superior picture quality afforded by the Transform Decoder process. It was a straight forward remaster from the D3 copies of the original 2" transmission tapes and the enhanced picture quality combined with more modern MPEG encoding makes for a significant improvement to the quality of the story on DVD.

Disc 1

• 4 x 25 mins approx colour episodes with mono audio.

Commentary - with actors Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen, producer Philip Hinchcliffe.

A New Frontier (dur. 29’ 52”) – cast and crew look back on the making of the story. With actors Wendy Williams and Kenton Moore, director Rodney Bennett, producer Philip Hinchcliffe, designer Roger Murray-Leach and well-known fan Nicholas Briggs.

Roger Murray-Leach Interview (dur. 10’ 28”) - an interview with the designer of ‘The Ark in Space’, illustrated by photos and clips from this and the other stories he worked on.

Model Effects Roll (dur. 7’ 10”) - the original 16mm model effects roll shot for this story. Includes retakes and unused shots.

CGI Effects Roll (dur. 1’ 32”) - clean versions of the new CGI effects created for this release, with credits.

3D Technical Schematics (dur. 1’ 06”) – faux tech schematics for the space station.

Trail (dur. 0’ 51”) – the original BBC1 trail for episode one.

Alternative Titles (dur. 0’ 44”) - an unused alternative title sequence based on the previous Jon Pertwee titles.

Alternative CGI Sequences – option to view the story with some physical model effects replaced by CGI models via angle branching.

TARDIS-Cam no.1 (dur. 1’ 30”) - The first of BBCi’s TARDIS-Cam shots.


Disc 2

The Ark in Space – Movie Version (dur. 69’ 49”) – the 70 min compilation edit of the story transmitted in the summer of 1975. Note that this is essentially unrestored and may contain analogue videotape dropouts and other problems associated with archive materials of this age.

Doctor Forever - Love & War (dur. 27’ 35”) – our new series takes a look at how Doctor Who was kept alive in a range of original novelisations after the end of the classic series in 1989. With new series producer Russell T Davies, Virgin Books editor Peter Darvill-Evans, BBC Books editors Steve Cole and Justin Richards, writers Mark Gatiss, Robert Shearman, Paul Cornell, Gary Russell and Joseph Lidster, journalist David Richardson and actress Lisa Bowerman. Introduced by Ayesha Antoine.

Scene Around Six (dur. 7’ 33”) – a compilation of 1978 news items from BBC Belfast’s ‘Scene Around Six’ news show, featuring Tom Baker switching on the Christmas lights in Derry and visiting children in schools and hospitals in Belfast.

Robot 8mm Location Film (dur. 1’ 09”) – a mute amateur 8mm cine film shot on location during the filming of Tom Baker’s first story, ‘Robot’.

• Plus of course the usual PDF materials (including the Doctor Who Technical Manual and tie-in promotional materials for Crosse and Blackwell and Nestle), Coming Soon trailer, Programme Subtitles, Subtitle Production Notes and Photo Gallery.


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