Planet of Giants - DVD

The First Doctor and his crew suffer a malfunction of the TARDIS which causes them to materialise on Earth but reduced to only an inch tall. Can our miniscule heroes defeat a plan which could cause the destruction of every living thing on the planet?  Originally conceived as a four-parter, but re-cut to three parts for transmission, this DVD release features a reconstruction of the original four-part version featuring new material recorded with the surviving cast members.

• 3 x 25 mins approx monochrome episodes with mono English audio and optional Arabic audio.

Commentary with vision mixer Clive Doig, special sounds creator Brian Hodgson, make-up supervisor Sonia Markham and floor assistant David Tilley. Moderated by Mark Ayres.

Episode 3 & 4 Reconstruction (dur. 28’ 02 and 24’ 32”) – originally shot as a four-parter, the final two episodes of ‘Planet of Giants’ were edited into a single episode for transmission. Using the original scripts, newly recorded dialogue and animation, this feature gives a flavour of how the original four-part version might have appeared.

Rediscovering The Urge to Live (dur. 8’ 27”) – the team behind the reconstruction explain how it was put together. With actors Carole Ann Ford, William Russell, John Guilor, Paul Jones and Toby Hadoke, reconstruction director Ian Levine and DVD feature producer Ed Stradling.

Suddenly Susan (dur. 15’ 18”) – Carole Ann Ford talks about her role as the Doctor’s granddaughter and the first companion in the TARDIS in this interview originally recorded for 2003’s ‘The Story of Doctor Who’.

The Lambert Tapes – The Doctor (dur. 14’ 00”) – Doctor Who’s original producer looks back on her time on the series, and at the character of the Doctor in particular, in the second part of this interview recorded for ‘The Story of Doctor Who’.

• Plus of course the usual PDF materials, Coming Soon trailer, Programme Subtitles, Subtitle Production Notes and Photo Gallery.


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