Death to the Daleks - DVD

The Third Doctor and Sarah arrive on the planet Exxilon, where a beacon on a mysterious city drains all the power from anything around it, including the TARDIS, a group of stranded Earth people... and a newly arrived Dalek ship.

• 4 x 25 mins approx colour episodes with mono audio.

Commentary with actor Julian Fox, Dalek operator Cy Town, director Michael E.Briant, AFM Richard Leyland, costume designer L. Rowland Warne and special sounds maestro Dick Mills. Moderated by Toby Hadoke.

Beneath the City of the Exxilons (dur. 26’ 45”) – cast and crew look back on the making of this story. With actor Arnold Yarrow, Julian Fox, Michael E. Briant, Richard Leyland, L. Rowland Warne and fan and Dalek voice artist Nick Briggs.

Studio Recording (dur. 23’ 35”) – one of the original studio recording tapes for this story still exists in the BBC archive, affording a rare glimpse into the production of a Third Doctor story.

Doctor Who Stories - Dalek Men (dur. 13’ 01”) - Dalek operators John Scott Martin and Nicholas Evans recall their time on the show, in these interviews originally shot for 2003’s ‘The Story of Doctor Who’.

On the Set of Dr. Who and the Daleks (dur. 7’ 48”) – during production of the colour feature film in 1965, ITV’s ‘Movie Magazine’ was allowed access to the Shepperton Studios set to film a behind-the-scenes story. Although the programme itself no longer exists, the unused film trims were archived and form the basis of this feature. Hammer Films historian Marcus Hearn is joined by the director’s son and now Hollywood actor Jason Flemyng, first assistant director Anthony Waye and Dalek operator Bryan Hands to tell the story…

Isolated Music – option to view the story with the isolated music soundtrack.

• Plus of course the usual PDF materials, Coming Soon trailer, Programme Subtitles, Subtitle Production Notes and Photo Gallery.


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