The Creature from the Pit - DVD

Arriving on the planet Chloris, the Fourth Doctor and Romana discover a civilisation living in a fertile agricultural world where metal is extremely rare... and there's something very nasty lurking at the bottom of Lady Adrasta's pit...

Disc Contents:

• Four episodes with mono audio.

Commentary with actors Lalla Ward and Myra Frances, director Christopher Barry and visual effects designer Mat Irvine.

Deleted Scene - a deleted scene from an earlier edit of the story.

Christopher Barry: Director (dur. 19’ 01”) – director Christopher Barry, on location in the Wiltshire village of Aldbourne, talks about his career.

Team Erato (dur. 15’ 16”) - the BBC Visual Effects crew talk about the problems they faced building and operating Erato. With Mat Irvine, Steve Bowman, Steve Lucas and Morag McLean, with director Christopher Barry.

Animal Magic (dur. 2’ 35”) – shot on the studio set for ‘The Creature from the Pit’, the fourth Doctor tells viewers of the long-running childrens’ show about some of the creatures he has met on his travels.

• Plus of course the usual PDF materials, Coming Soon trailer, Programme Subtitles, Subtitle Production Notes and Photo Galleries.


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