The Doctor Who Restoration Team

In 1992, a small group of Doctor Who fans within the television industry approached the BBC's Television Archivist with a view to securing funding for a unique project:- the experimental restoration of a monochrome Jon Pertwee story back to its original colour form. So successful were the test results that the BBC Archives and BBC Video co-funded the restoration of three complete stories for transmission and video release. Since then, the team has become a little larger and its members have contributed to many Doctor Who projects for both BBC Television and BBC Worldwide. We currently master almost all Doctor Who VHS and DVD releases for BBC Video, ensuring that the duplication masters are the best possible quality. This website is designed to be a central reference point for past and future projects.

Newest articles have a red 'New!' flash on the contents bar and floating the mouse cursor over the flash should reveal the date of the last update. Latest updates within articles are highlighted in red.

It is important to remember that the title 'Doctor Who Restoration Team' is a self-imposed one. Although the team is officially recognised by our clients, the team members all have full time jobs and carry out restoration work in their own time. The 'team' aspect is a fairly loose definition, as some projects are carried out by only a few of the members, depending on the specialist skills required for each job. We also actively sub-contract work out to a small band of talented individuals outside of the core team.

If you have an urgent, legitimate reason to need to contact us, you can send an e-mail to and it will be forwarded to the person who can deal with it most appropriately. Please DO NOT use this address to ask questions about unannounced DVD releases, we are contractually bound not to answer them.